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A culture of welcome

We celebrate difference as one of our core values. We are constantly working to build an inclusive company and workplace, where everyone can belong, grow, and seize the many possibilities open to them.

Our unique blend of differences

We believe in bringing people, businesses and neighborhoods together to create community. That’s why we value a diverse workforce, an inclusive culture, and equitable opportunities. These elements unleash the creativity we need to transform the way people shop and eat.

We work every day to create a welcoming and stable workplace, full of possibility for everyone. We want to bring out the very best in you in Deliveroo, whether you’re an employee, partner, rider or consumer.

By fostering a culture of understanding, respect, and shared responsibility, we celebrate the unique blend of differences that make our community so special.

Find your place in a company where different perspectives spark new possibilities.

Listening to every voice

Our employee-led, international Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) raise awareness of issues for their members, and action solutions to tackle them with our support.

Racial Equity
Champions equity for under-represented groups within Deliveroo and our industry.

Gender Equity
Leads and promotes gender-inclusive initiatives for our people at all stages of their careers and personal lives.

Represents, supports and give visibility to all of our LGBTQ+ community and the School for Allies.

Advances sustainable wellbeing and drives personal and professional happiness.

Family & Carers
Supports employees who are caregivers and have family responsibilities with the challenges they face balancing professional and caregiving commitments.

Amplifies the voices of disabled and neurodiverse employees to advocate for necessary adjustments, policies, and resources.

Overheard at Deliveroo