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How we hire

We take great care in finding the colleagues we’ll be working with every day, and our hiring process reflects this thoughtful approach. It also reflects our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workplace – which begins here, with who we hire.

What to expect

From spotting a role that catches your eye and deciding to apply – through to Day 1 as a Deliveroo colleague – what can you expect the journey to look like? Individual experiences will vary by team, location and position, but you can expect that the process will look something like this.



The first step is applying for a role you’re interested in. Browse our open jobs, click ‘Apply’, and, if your experience is suitable, we’ll get in touch to learn more about you and tell you more about us. If there isn’t a role for you now, the timing may just not be right – check back often, as we’re always adding new roles.


Recruiter call

This will be a short (around 30 minutes) video or phone interview with one of our recruiters. We’ll be looking to learn more about your experience, expectations and motivations. This is the perfect opportunity for you to share what drives you, as well as get to know us and see what we’ve got to offer. Feel free to also ask us any questions that might be on your mind!

From this stage, the recruiter will let you know if you are suitable for the role and if you are, they will send you more information and introduce you to a recruitment coordinator, who will schedule the next interviews for you.



Your interviews will include an in-depth conversation with the line manager for your role. You’ll discuss your relevant experiences and skills, what you enjoy doing, where you see your career going, and why you’d like to work at Deliveroo.

Depending on how senior or technical the role is, you may also be asked to do further interviews such as a technical assessment, a case study, or speaking to senior leaders in the business.

These interviews could take place over video call, or in person in one of our office locations. Across your interviews, we’re looking for you to show us energy, enthusiasm, clear explanations and good communication skills.



Once you’ve finished all your interviews, your recruiter and the hiring manager will meet to discuss your feedback. If successful, you’ll hear from us with details on your offer and a proposed start date.

If unsuccessful, your recruiter will still give you a call to discuss your feedback and potentially other suitable opportunities where relevant.

Preparing for your interview

Do your research. Make sure you’re clear on the details of the role from the job description. Take some time to read through our values, and think about how they align with your own. You could also take a look at some of the latest developments in our business in our newsroom and on our LinkedIn page.

Prep your tech. It is likely that one or more of your interviews will be held via Google Meet video call. Prepare your space, check the meeting link beforehand, and have a back-up plan just in case – such as using your phone internet. You could also consider doing a trial call with a friend or family member, to check your sound and video are working as you’d expect.

Get ahead of the game.Whether your interview is remote or in person, it’s always a good idea to join or arrive a few minutes early. This lets you spot any unwelcome tech problems, or allows time for sign-in or registrations at our buildings. If you’re attending an interview in person, it’s a good idea to bring some identification with you, to avoid any access issues.

During your interview

Ask questions too. It’s not a one-way street – feel free to ask us questions about the business, the role, or if you’d like the interviewer to repeat or explain something.

Show off a little. It can feel awkward to talk about how great we are, but we want to hear about it! Make sure you give us some specific examples, where you can. And not just your past achievements and successes, but also how you’ve learned from things that have not gone so well.

And remember to stay real. We value the rich, diverse and unique perspectives our people bring to their work. We’re looking for individuality, so please share with us your genuine and true self. This includes what you wear for your interviews – we have no formal dress code, so please wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

Your recruiter will share plenty more detailed and specific information with you before your interviews take place.