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Our values

Our company values are our culture and our mindset, and they showcase who we are as people when we’re at our very best. They flow through all our activities, inspiring possibilities and guiding decisions, including who we choose to hire and bring into the team. 

Our values connect everything that we do

Live and breathe our marketplace

We get to know the people behind the numbers, the riders behind the deliveries, the cultures behind the restaurants, and each and every neighbourhood inside and out.

Play to win

Big audacious goals? Sounds like Deliveroo. If it hasn't been done before, we say '"let's go for it". But we keep our focus on the things that matter. And like our riders, we deliver.

Celebrate difference

We welcome different opinions, experiences and ideas. We will always choose understanding over ignorance. We actively create a community that is accessible, fair, and respectful to everyone.

Champion big and small innovations

We're all here to build something amazing. We believe that regardless of our role, everyone has the power to innovate - whether it's a tiny improvement to a process, or a big industry-changing idea.

Obsess about operational excellence

To us, operational excellence means we're on a mission to make every part of every process run efficiently and smoothly, time and time again.

Be curious and intellectually honest

We're not scared of asking questions or challenging our biases. When it comes to making decisions - yes - we'll crunch the numbers. But we'll also listen to the thoughts and stories of the people involved.

Our values define what’s possible

Celebrating differences

Find out more about how we foster an inclusive culture and equitable opportunities for everyone.